"Chris is an incredibly talented, natural coach. He gives me a regular space to brainstorm and think out loud. He is a good listener, honest in his feedback and very trustworthy. It’s not often you get the opportunity to discuss your own situation and possible areas of improvement in length. The sessions with Chris have led to some really valuable insights and I would highly recommend anyone to try it!"

Lahcene Merzoug
Chief Executive Officer
ComeOn Group

"Refreshing and motivating, Chris listens with genuine care. I was really struggling with how to structure my downtime offset and the best way to visualise, plan and progress in my career. With the structure and momentum his sessions give me, I just wish I was doing this before!"

Andrei Claude

"Chris is radiant, highly logical and a great problem solver. He uses his skill to allow you to solve your challenges in a way that will work for you so that you will absolutely move forward. His methods have pushed me to think about and implement very valuable new actions that I simply wouldn’t have thought about or done alone, love it!"

Sacha Kinser
Content Manager
Game Lounge Group

"We booked Chris for a team training event, and it was simply amazing! His knowledge is vast and he used this to give us much more than we had hoped for. He is very flexible and easy to work with. We will definitely be hiring him again and I highly recommend his services."

Joanna Delia
People & Skin

"I worked with Chris on several executive coaching sessions and what made him stand out for me was his rational, calm, professional and empathetic approach. He made me feel very comfortable and through the sessions he guided me to realise a huge amount of improvements that I could make in my day to day managing of my staff. This has been invaluable to me. I’d be happy to recommend Chris to any professional who is looking to take the next step in their professional careers."

Pierre Lindh
Owner & Managing Director
IGaming Next/Idol/Ambassadör Events