As a former professional online poker player playing at high stakes for over a decade, I truly know what it means and takes to manage yourself both professionally and personally. If you had no boss, no consequences, would you still set an alarm and wake up at 6am every single day? Would you have the drive to consistently create, plan and hit targets or deadlines?

The self analysis, self evaluation and self discipline required to stay ahead of the competition for such an extended period in a swiftly changing industry takes an extensive detailed skill set and I will use any and all of it to help you succeed, whatever your path may be.

I decided to develop myself further by running my own poker staking business, managing and coaching a vast team of poker players globally, to help them progress along their own journeys which enabled me to learn and grow in ways I could not have achieved alone.

I am thankful to have discovered that the most intensely gratifying moments in my life are when I have seen others achieve their greatest accomplishments, rather than achieving my own. My path then became clear, getting trained and working as an executive performance coach where I continuously strive for development. I am here to offer you my time, my talents and my deepest enthusiasm for your success, so you progress, improve and realise your dreams.

- Chris

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